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Enjoy beautiful nature views. Release stress in virtual nature. Few minutes in a day is enough.

Research has shown that spending time in virtual nature environments can boost physical and mental health.

- University of Exeter

The beginning

During the corona time I returned to my childhood landscape for a few weeks. I explored nearby forests and landscapes and noticed a positive impact on presence and my energies. I realized that in the hustle and bustle of the city it is easy to forget what effect nature has on the state of being. And what kind of effect do you get when visiting nature regularly.

After returning to the city I noticed how the stress rushed on again. There was no time to travel back in the following weeks. However, I had some videos recorded in the forest and I started watching those videos. After that I felt better and realized that it is not always necessary to physically go to nature but it can also be done virtually. In conclusion, you can release stress on your home couch.

So I want to offer this experience to you also and that is why I set up this service where you can quickly get to the edge of nature in the middle of a busy day. Since my first experiences in my childhood forest I have acquired more equipment and visited several times in nature in new areas to capture the atmosphere and views which energizes me. I have selected the best and most relaxing views with sounds for you. Enjoy and relax!

-Andy, nature lover

How it works

In this section we summarize what is our Virtual Nature Service and how to use it. After that we will explain what means relaxing in virtual nature.

what is virtual nature

Virtual nature is a place where you can experience real nature without actually going to nature physically. However, you will see the views of real nature and hear the sounds of real nature and look around. Base concept is Virtual Reality (VR). Our Virtual Nature Service uses 360 videos to implement virtual nature experience. In practice, it is watching special video recorded with a special camera on a smartphone or other device such as a VR headset.

how to go to virtual nature

At it’s lightest you only need a smartphone or tablet, supported software like web browser or mobile application and our 360 degree video to play. By moving the device you can look around like in real nature. For a better experience you can use VR cardboard or VR glasses in which you can put your smartphone inside. Then you can watch around by moving your head.

how it can release stress

Firstly, it has been studied that time spent in nature reduces stress and improves health in various ways.  Secondly, it has also been studied what kind of effects the presence in virtual nature environment has. In conclusion researchers found that similar results have been achieved in virtual nature environment than in real nature. That is if there is no opportunity to go to nature physically virtual nature is a good option to reduce stress and gain energy.


360 video watching guide

360 virtual nature trailer

Check what research says


1. Join

Firstly, you need to register a Vimeo account or use an existing account to get use the Virtual Nature Service. After that you also need a smartphone or a tablet for better experience.

2. Select

Secondly you need to select a proper plan for you. You can just try a single video for a week or get all videos for a month. What ever is best for you.

3. Relax

Thirdly, and most importantly, just release stress anywhere you are using your smartphone or tablet. It is recommended that you relax every day a few minutes regularly. Above all, don't forgot to visit real nature if it's possible for you.

Release your stress

Take a short break to your day anywhere where you are and enjoy a relaxing environment with our selected pieces of nature.

Plans and pricing


1 video
$ 3
45 Month
  • 1 video
  • 1 month
  • Unlimited use


All videos
$ 6
  • All videos
  • 1 category
  • 3 months (only 2.3 $ / month)
  • Unlimited use


$ ?
  • All videos
  • All categories
  • 1+ months
  • Unlimited use
  • New releases
  • Much more
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Most frequent questions and answers

You can start using this service by using Start relaxing option which moves you to the page where you can select proper plan for you. Vimeo is our partner and you need a Vimeo account to watch the videos and make the payment. So log in or join Vimeo first. We are adding soon other options also to join this service. And we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter because otherwise we cannot reach you in the future.

You can use Vimeo supported payment methods which are Credit cards and PayPal at the moment.

To watch videos, all you just need a modern smartphone or a tablet and a supported web browser or a Vimeo App. You will get better experience with Vimeo App and if you have VR classes or VR cardboard where to put your smartphone. In addition, you can watch also with computer web browser if you prefer that.

To check your device and browser you can watch our trailer and see does it work in your smartphone. Remember to tap the video screen and try to move it around. You should be able to move the video image around. If you see only black refresh the page and try again. Remember that you get best experience with Vimeo app with VR glasses or VR cardboard.

Sometimes we have promotions and we will offer you a discount code. You can use it on Vimeo when purchasing a plan. Use the Apply promo code option in the purchasing process and type the promo code there.

We are constantly developing our service. We have plenty of videos waiting for to be edited and released and lot of new ideas related to this service. Please subscribe to our newsletter to hear more about future updates.